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Knowledge is power.​


DWC (Deep Water Culture) and Raft Hydroponics Theory

Learning multiple ways to keep you roots constantly bathed in nutrient and oxygen rich water. This system theory is popular, yet very few know commercial industry secrets for perfection.

Organic​ Certification
Farm Preparation
What you need to know to make the legal transition or full scale plan to become a certified organic producer. This is a booming business with amazing growth rates. More successful farmers are needed!

The ABC's of Growing

​​Fundamentals, terminology, commonly used equipment, tools and concepts.

The building blocks for your foundation of learning plant management.



   Why Grow in Dirt? Dirt is Dirty.

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of using different organic mixes for container growing. With so many other organic substances available why use just dirt? Soon you’ll be understanding how increased porosity can be positive and how to mange your new found growth!


101 Soil

 Conditioning fields for future use is a must!  How to make soil “rich and fluffy” with old and new products, not just manure, bark and peat. Also learn how to make soil for different stages of growth and nutrient leaching.


101 Propagation Clones & Seeds

Efficiently root plant cuttings and sprout

seeds. Learning situational product

application and maintaining new growth.

Learn effective methods for producing near perfect survival rates on the most difficult to root cuttings and seedlings.


Transplanting, Bonsai & Mature Plant Care

Transplanting of mature plants and root trimming for Bonsai Plants is an art. Root size can be restrained when proper steps are taken to prevent problems. Learn skills for maintaining the health of older plants.

Brewing Raw Organic Teas for Plants

Creating live, active beneficial bacteria to accelerate plant growth and invigorate soils is a master gardener secret! Maintaining soil health is becoming a lost art. You will learn how to combine new technology with old ideas..

Kick Out The Chemicals

Learn how to INCREASE your plant yields the ORGANIC way. Exploring the harsh truth about yield increasing chemical products and how to substitute with natural alternatives.

Keeping Your Crop

Preventative solutions for pests and molds. Most health experts will tell you it’s cheaper to invest in prevention, than to wait for a health problem. Gardening is no different, maintaining plant health with preventative measures will help to ensure a healthy harvest.

Save Your Paycheck
with Problem Solving

Identify problems and actively solve what’s standing between you and success. Geographical planning tips to keep your project growing without the trauma and cost of failure.

Hydroponics Theory 101

An overview of different styles of hydroponics as well as pros and cons. Understand EXACTLY what your doing and why. 

Organic Hydroponics
Nutrient Management

Traditional Hydroponics use chemicals as fertilizer resulting non-sustainable and non-organic produce. Learn to use Hydroponics systems with sustainable Organic nutrients.

Bleach and Beyond

Sanitation procedures for water treatment and eco friendly cleansing procedures. The importance of grow area sanitation is greatly underestimated by beginners. We provide an opportunity to learn from our experience.

Decisions, Decisions

How to choose a hydroponic system and

grow medium that optimize your specific climate and space. Learn what styles work within certain spaces and styles of grow area.

Make the educated decision.

Aeroponics & Dry Fog Techniques

Learn how NASA attempted aeroponics and why their experts failed with earths atomsphere. If you're considering commercial Aeroponics learn how you can save thousands on equipment by learning the theory and building your own, as your specific situation will require.

Ebb & Flow/ Flood &
Drain Theory

An in depth look at this effective method of active hydroponics. Learn the versatility of this system when you learn to build a system from scratch.

NFT (Nutrient Film Techniques) Theory & The Top Feed Method

Learn low maintenance hydroponics with moderate results. These commercial techniques are used in some of the worlds oldest hydroponic operations. Learn many outside the box applications and modifications for increasing your yields.


With technology you can have bigger, healthier clones. Cut weeks off your plants transition with these priceless tips. Learn to keep your valuable crops going without seeds.

Commercial Aquaculture / Hydroponics

Learn commercial Aquaculture system design from an efficiency expert. Many other people can benefit greatly from this valuable design practice which incorporates sustainable organic methods with hydroponics, to produce the best of both!

Aquaponics 101

Throw out bottle fertilizers, we feed plants with fish water. Find harmony bathing plant roots in fish water, filtering the waste and returning purified water to the fishtank. Learn the world’s most efficient way to produce crops

in the new millenium.

Farming and Marketing,
in the Digital Age

The need to know information about branding, website creation, social media marketing, search engine optimization and doing it all on a budget. Most people will tell you, if you're not online you are invisible to your customers. They want to connect with you and your brand can grow heads over tails with this important information.

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