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Evan Richards Lanigan, Areas of Expertise:

​Fertilizers/Pesticides- (USDA Certified Organic, FIFRA compliant) 


Greenhouse Hydroponics- (USDA Certified Organic & Conventional) 


Controlled Environment Agriculture (commercial & research)


Engineering Advanced "+Pressure" Bio-secure Greenhouses


Recirculated Aquaculture / Hydroponics- (USDA Certified Organic)

Aquaculture Production Integrated with Ag. Irrigation 


Commercial Aeroponics- (Conventional) 

Integrated Pest Management 


Sustainable & Certified Organic Soil farming  

Land Management and Conservation Planning

Environmental Remediation Services (heavy metals, mines, livestock)

Onsite Project/MEP/Construction Management or Remote Supervision

Business & Investment Evaluation Services

Regulatory Compliance / Corporate Representation

G.A.P. & HACCP Food Safety Compliance 

"My hydroponics systems 

are 100% certified organic and

 totally free of chemicals/pesticides.

The result is truly magnificent

flavors, nutrition and yields.

THIS is the future!"

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